Dr. John Knight – Accomplished Hand Surgeon

Hand and wrist issues are very common today. After all, not only do sports and workout injuries happen but strain can happen thanks to excessive typing, repetitive movements and even video game playing. Working with an accomplished hand surgeon like Dr. John Knight helps people get control over hand and wrist pain as well as a wide range of disorders. Dr. Knight has established himself as an expert in the hand surgeon world. To know more about him check out Dr. John Knight Bio.

Expertise and Experience

Dr. Knight has built his reputation as one of the most well-known hand and wrist specialists in the world. His specialty is focused on providing people with minimally invasive techniques to deal with hand and wrist issues as well as upper extremity injuries and disorders. Carpal tunnel has become increasingly common since more and more people use computers for work. Thus, he not only excels in stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedures but has been extensively interviewed about how to prevent hand and wrist issues from occurring. In his 20 years in the industry, he has performed more than 15,000 procedures.

Education and Experience

Dr. Knight earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport. Following graduation, he had a Chief Residency position in Orthopedic Surgery at the Louisiana State University Medical Center. After this, he traveled to Los Angeles for a Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship with the prestigious Joesph H. Boyes program. He is one of the first doctors to successfully perform a toe-to-thumb transplant. Additionally, he was one of the first professionals to use the Free Hand System to restore function in quadriplegic patients’ hands by using an internal computerized system. Since 2009, he has served as the Director of the Hand and Wrist Institute.

Media Attention

This dynamic hand surgeon has been featured on a variety of television programs like Good Morning America and CNN, radio programs, and in print publications like The Washington Post. Dr. Knight is routinely consulted on a variety of issues: from dealing with the increased cases of carpal tunnel to the most advanced techniques for dealing with hand and wrist disorders and restoring functions for quadriplegic patients.

Dr. Dr. Knight can help people avoid carpal tunnel and understands how to treat pain and diagnose issues. His advanced surgical procedures and rehabilitation have helped people deal with serious hand and wrist issues. His past experiences and successes have established Dr. Knight as an accomplished and world-famous hand surgeon.